What are you here for?

Why We Are Epic:

❋ We have niche Executive, Technical, Clinical, and Legal Recruiting experience

❋ For 18 years we have worked 1:1 with high-achieving, change-making leaders from startups to Fortune 100 companies

❋ Our quality standards are extremely high - it's not final until YOU are 100% satisfied!!

❋ We acknowledge and help you navigate the emotional experience of career change and growth

❋ We're not just certified; we were on the PARW Certification Review board - we know we're in the top 1% of writers!

❋ Like our client leaders, we never stop learning! As the world evolves, we will keep up-to-date on what's working best

❋ Our favorite part of what we do is all the good that becomes possible because you UNVEIL YOUR BRILLIANCE!

"I can't ever thank you enough for the epiphany we struck! I love my job. Perfect fit with life goals. I am extremely lucky...


- Kirsten

"To this day, I appreciate all that you did to help get me on the right foot/path.

All my best to you and your family."

- Matt

“Perhaps the most important result of our work together for me was recognizing the value of the skills and experience that I have to offer to prospective employers.”

- Edward

I started Epic Careering to pass on what I learned from recruiting on how to get employers of choice to open doors of opportunity and how to avoid career pitfalls.

My team and I want you to have complete career control so that you are NEVER stuck and can make choices that align with your values, talent, and needs.

Alignment positions you best to UNVEIL YOUR BRILLIANCE and realize your full potential. Imagine what's possible when more professionals reach their potential!

If you want a job, any job, we aren't your career management firm. But, if you want an EPIC career that makes the life that you want possible, we're here for that!!

Rest assured, there are career adventures ahead for you.


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