Month: July 2019

  • When You Are Advised to Network, But Feel Network-Disabled

    “Maybe you need new friends.” Have your parents or other authority figures ever said that to you? What happened to inspire that advice? Usually, it’s because you told them it was your friends’ idea to do something stupid. When you’re a kid, doing what your friends are doing makes you popular. But we grow out […]

  • LinkedIn is Hiding it’s Best Features

      I’ve noticed over the 16 years as a LinkedIn user that, though LinkedIn has and offers some of the best practices, sometimes its interface doesn’t make following those best practices intuitive. In fact, some of its best features are hidden. Cases in point: 1. Personalizing invitations LinkedIn’s Quick Help resources advise and warn you: […]

  • Why Using a Flip Phone Could Be Bad For Your Career

    Last week we talked about a few of the top soft skills in demand by employers, a few them related to being able to succeed and thrive in spite of conditions like constant change. Looking ahead, all companies have to prepare and plan for a future where workforces and cultures are built to be agile, […]

  • What’s Easier – Hire For or Train On Soft Skills

    Technology can be intimidating, but it isn’t going anywhere. Before technology was a mainstay in corporate America, loyalty, knowing your job really well, and working hard were top values. Now working smart is how people get more done in less time. Loyalty isn’t something expected or given; companies spend billions of dollars in hopes of […]