Month: February 2019

  • Why Recruiters Ask You Questions That Your Résumé Clearly Answers Already

      Have you, like many other job seekers, noticed that it seems sometimes like recruiters, maybe even hiring managers, ask you questions that have clearly been answered already in your résumé? Like, “Do you have experience with business intelligence tools?” while your last position was “Business Intelligence Analyst.” You’re getting all kinds of advice from […]

  • Believe It or Not, This Cover Letter Got Me an Interview

      I have been a student and a teacher of making compelling, persuasive pitches. Nothing big is a solo job. Whether you have to convince someone to take a job, give you a job, offer or invest their hard-earned money, approve of plans, or adopt big change, you ultimately have to make a pitch. At […]

  • We Need More Better Bosses

      The Twitterverse: where I’m never really sure if someone is being complimentary or sarcastic. I err on sarcastic. When I proposed to an HR consultant on Twitter that leadership coaching and skill/career development would prevent disengaging the employees who tend to get overlooked, the middle 80%, he called it “such a simple solution.”   […]

  • If Your Company is Doing Career Development To Increase Engagement This Way, It Will Fail

      Career Development as a tactic to increase engagement theoretically works because: We know that the #1 reason people quit is lack of growth opportunity And we know the main reason they leave a job for a new job is better growth opportunity It is an expression of caring on behalf of executive leadership that […]