Month: November 2018

  • Will HR AI Help or Hurt Your Career?

    Considering that I have no time machine, time travel abilities or accurate predictive talents, I can’t be sure what future tech will offer hiring and careering. I am discouraged by the solutions being funded, sold, and used at the present moment. Like, how are job boards still thriving in terms of revenue when most job […]

  • A Thanksgiving Poem

    I’ve never been more thankful for breath. Such a simple thing. So easy to take for granted, but when it’s taken And you don’t know which will be your last It’s simply glorious just to be able to breathe.   And laugh… and sing.   It’s been a year full of magic and miracles Of […]

  • 5 Corporate Marketing Tricks You Can Use to Attract Better Career Opportunities

    Companies have employed many tactics and techniques to capture the attention of prospective customers and convert them into paying customers. While some of these may fall into a category you might consider sneaky or contrived, perhaps even manipulative, a lot of them represent ethical best practices that you can borrow to stand out in a […]

  • We Are In Big Trouble If Leaders Don’t Start Doing This

    How do we shift from a world where rampant mental illness pushes people to the limits of their humanity to a world where we take good care of one another? Could it be as simple as breathing?? Letting go? Healing? Processing? Allowing? Surrendering? Choosing happiness? Self-reflection may be simple, but it’s not easy. I cherish […]