Month: June 2018

  • Think What Happened To Elon Musk Won’t Happen to You? Think Again!

    Reverse Engineering Internal Sabotage for Prevention [Part 1 of 3] The Tesla sabotage incident Elon Musk made the world aware of last week raises a few great questions. How does somebody who would be inclined and capable of sabotaging your company get into your company, and how can you prevent that? How can you choose the […]

  • “Can You Teach an Adult Compassion?”

      This was a question posed by a friend on mine on Facebook. Some were under the impression that you can’t. My answer: “You can develop emotional intelligence through mindfulness techniques, but that would have to be voluntary. ‘I tried to find a video I saw (I thought it was Samantha Bee) where they brought global […]

  • A Power Mantra for Next-level Professionals

    Two weeks ago I was going through my brother’s senior yearbook. Underneath the seniors’ pictures were captions, including favorite phrases. My niece had some trouble properly pronouncing one of my brother’s choices: “Buuuudy.” This was a quote from one of the 80s most unlikely phenomenons, Pauley Shore. It occurred to me that if he knew […]

  • Has Overwhelm Sabotaged Your Momentum?

    Yes, I want it all. Don’t we all? Don’t you want to be able to afford the finer things in life – to visit exotic places, and live in a beautiful home, and to give your kids the best education and experiences? You, like me, also want time to enjoy them. You want to know […]