Month: July 2014

  • Risking a life to save a life

      Do you have a cause so important to you that you would be willing to risk your life? How big of a game are you willing to play?   I spent an amazing few days in New York City this week with people who are playing a big game. These people want to amass […]

  • Tales From The Flipside, Episode 3 now available!

    “How do you deal with people who blame everything else for their unemployment?” I was asked today by someone referring to the government as the main culprit people point to. I told her I don’t waste my time and energy getting goaded into arguments about politics. Many people look to the government to make conditions […]

  • Get ready! Economy’s going up!

    Last time I posted this data, it was to shed some light on the improvements, because the media often chooses to sensationalize negative economic indicators, or simply put their focus there, and minimize positive indicators, claiming that there’s something else at work.   Some people believe that these numbers are completely manufactured and give them no […]