Month: June 2014

  • Summer Newsletter – Heat Up Your Summer Job Search

    This month’s newsletter covers the high points of how to use your time during your job search to build and sustain momentum, even in the midst of challenges that include: Stakeholders on vacation Wanting to do everything but job search People taking their time with everything So much fun to be had Your family pressuring […]

  • How are those new year’s resolutions coming along?

    This isn’t the first year I wrote down my goals, but it is the first year that I accomplished two of my goals in the first half of the year. There were a few distinct differences between the ways that I managed my goals this year from previous years, and they probably aren’t what you […]

  • Wisdom from beyond

    Saturday I was blessed to attend an Abraham Hicks event. It was amazing. I had so many questions answered. Even though I wasn’t chosen to sit in the hot seat and have my questions answered, those that were chosen were divinely chosen to answer my questions – except for one, which I will keep to […]