Which introduction would you rather have?

sittin-on-top-of-the-world1Most people have heard that networking is the best way to find a new job. It is also the best way to find great candidates. The quandary is how do you get to be the candidate that is recommended to hiring managers by your network for jobs.

There are three ways this can happen, and sometimes the person giving the introduction needs your coaching to do it right. So, which way is the right way?

A.“Hi, Chris. I wanted to introduce you to my former coworker, Annmarie. I used to work with her at PeopleSoft. Annemarie and I worked on several implementations together. She was always diligent, attentive, and very responsive. In fact, she was the one who identified the reason we kept having issues with rollouts. This eliminated  a whole week of rollout time and made clients very happy. I remember you mentioning that clients had started to complain about rollouts being delayed. I thought it made sense for you to talk to Annemarie to see if maybe she could give you some insight on your issue and perhaps be of service on a more long-term basis.”


B.“Hi, Chris. I wanted to introduce you to my former coworker Annemarie. She’s in transition now and looking for an opportunity as an Implementation Manager. Do you know of any jobs available for her?”

C.“Hi, Chris. Please help my friend Annemarie. She’s been out of work for several months now and really needs to get back to work to pay her bills. Is your company hiring? She’s an Implementation Manager, but I’m sure she’d take pretty much anything.”

The answer to me is obvious, but I might be surprised by some responses.

Watch my vlog to learn how to elicit the most powerful of these introductions.

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One comment on “Which introduction would you rather have?

  1. (A) has the right content. I would move the answer to WIIFM? to the beginning where it can get Chris’ ears to perk up.

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